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Mui Ne Beach is 16 km long, and a beautiful beach surrounded by groves of palm trees and miles of red and golden sand dunes. 
The temperature is perfect at an average of 30 degrees Celcius. Mui Ne also has the lowest rainfall in all of Vietnam, making it a great beach (or perhaps the only beach) to visit even during rainy season. Mui Ne has the best conditions in all of Asia for water sports. Mui Ne has Asia's strongest and most consistant cross-onshore winds. 
Vietnam has two wind seasons, the North East Monsoon Season and the South West Summer Season.
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The North East Monsoon Season starts around November and runs until April. The windiest months are December through February. The wind is a constant 20 - 25 knots, with some days up to 40 knots. As the wind increases so do the waves. There is a one-meter beach break to practise your surfing skills. 
The South Western Summer wind blows from May to October and is a consistant 12 - 18 knots, with some days up to 25 knots. During the summer months there is a ground swell up to two meters. 
Banc Rivier, a coral ridge with a depth of 12.8 m, and Banc Madge, a coral ridge with a least depth of 12.8 m, lie about 18 miles SE and 15 miles S, respectively, of Mui Ne Village. However, there is no organized diving done in Mui Ne.

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